Similar Steel Grade-DIN/W.Nr. 1.2738, ASSAB 718, GB 3Cr2MnNiMo

Chemical Composition (%)

AISI P20+Ni Pre-hardened Plastic Mould Steel is a pre-hardened grade specially designed for plastic mold industry. Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel carbon and manganese additions are optimized to have a fully martensite-bainite microstructure after quenching. The high nickel content (1%) is specially adapted to ensure a perfect homogeneity of structure and hardness through thickness even for very thick blocks.

Uniform hardness across the cross-section.

Good polishability.

Good machinability.

Hardenable and temperable plastic mould steel.


Mould for TV housings and rear walls, copier housings; shock-absorber moulds; moulds for dashboards and large outside body parts; waste bin moulds; pressure casting frames.