W.Nr. 1.2316

Similar Steel Grade-GB 3Cr17NiMo

Chemical Composition (%)

Plastic Mould Steel W.Nr. 1.2316 is a 16%Cr 1%Mo mold steel with improved corrosion resistance properties, thanks to the chromium and molybdenum additions. The grade in the quenched tempered condition, can be delivered in the prehardened condition (300HB or 340HB).

Pure and precision mirror polishing.

Strong corrosion resistance.

Convinient heat treatment.

Quenched and tempered steel after pre-handed, its dimension become more stable.

Easy to repair welding.


commonly used for mold steel applications including cores, inserts, molds subjected to wet working conditions and/or storage conditions.

The grade is also used for the manufacturing of corrosive materials like PVC.

The grade is not designed for highly finish polished surfaces or etched surfaces.