DINW.Nr. 1.2767

Similar Steel Grade-AISI 6F7, JIS SNCM2, GB 45NiCrMo16

Chemical Composition (%)

Plastic Mould Steel DIN/W.Nr. 1.2767 is a higher carbon version of the standard, oil hardening steel. It is a good quality tool steel that  achieves high impact and compressive strength and is suitable for applications demanding extra wear resistance. With its characteristics of good full hardenability, good polishability and excellent toughness this cold work tool steel specification is widely used for plastic mould applications.

High impact and compressive strength

Good wear resistance.

Good full hardenability.

Good polishability

Excellent toughness.


For highly stressed pressing and injection moulds, coining tools.

Stamping dies, hobbing tools, cold shear blades for thickest cutting materials, dies and punches for horizontal forging machines, rolls for hot work bending machines, mandrel holders for extrusion mandrels, forging dies, industrial blades and abrasive stress, plastic moulds.