DINW.Nr. 1.2083

Similar Steel Grade-AISI 420, JISSUS 420J2, ASSAB S136, GB 4Cr13

Chemical Composition (%)

Plastic Mould Steel AISI420 is a chromium alloyed stainless plastic mould steel, it is characterised by good polishability, good hardenability with high hardness achievable after heat treatment. The steel has fair corrosion resistance giving this plastic mould stainless steel suitability for applications in the medical and optical industries.

Low distortion.

High wear resistance.

Excellent polishability in hardened condition.

High surface finish.

Very low inclusion content.

Low repair costs.

Constant cycle times.


Moulds for corrosive materials, like moulding abrasive/fiiled material, including injection-moulded thermosetting grades. Particularly for acid aggressive plastics(e.g acetate and PVC), or plastic containing abrasive fillers.

Long production runs like disposable cutlery and containers.

Production of optical parts like camera and sunglasses lenses.

For medical containers like syringes.