DINW.Nr. 1.2085

Chemical Composition (%)

Plastic Mould Steel FM420 Martensitic stainless steel resistant to corrosion with high wear resistance and good edge retention, high resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear, high compressive strength.

magnetizable steel

good mechanical resistance and toughness

excellent for manufacturing of components that have to resist to aggressive plastics

good tool machinability thanks to its sulphur content

suitable for working in wet atmosphere and moisture

suitable for polishing, wear and corrosion proof

very stable dimensionally during heat treatment


dies and die-blocks in the plastics industry such as PVC

bending tools, plastic molds during the processing abrasive polymers, machine knives, cold shear blades, cold extrusion tools, thread rolling dies, thread rolling, deep drawing tools, cutting and punching tools, milling cutters