Similar Steel Grade-DIN1.2343, JIS SKD6, GB 4Cr5MoSiV

Chemical Composition (%)

H11 Hot Work Tool Steel is a 5% chromium hot work steel that is characterized by excellent impact toughness.

It contains less vanadium than the widely-used H13 hot work tool steel. This provides for

the higher toughness, with some reduction in wear resistance and temper resistance.

H11 hot work tool steel is a deep-hardening, air-hardening steel that exhibits minimal

size change during heat treatment.

It has good resistance to thermal fatigue cracking (heat checking) and excellent

resistance to gross cracking and thermal shock when water cooled in service.


H11 hot work tool steel is recommended for hot tooling applications where maximum resistance to cracking is required. Such applications include hot punches, die casting dies, forging dies, hot shear blades, hot gripper dies, and extrusion tooling.