Rising Video is Online now

Rising video has already uploaded on website: http://www.risingsteel.com/abouts.asp

This video was shot in July, the hottest season in China.

Guided by Rising professional technicians, our photograph team practically experienced hot workshop.

High temperatures produced by electric-arc can rapidly melt material, the molten steel over 1000??,it seldom meets such high temperature in our daily life.

Basically, sometimes at steel mill, it's dangerous, when the raw material dumped from barrel into electric arc furnace, sparks flying off in all directions, we tried best to shoot the moment, while worried about any damages on camera lenses. Anyway, this video shows real site and more still photos of Rising, it helps you more understand Rising technological process and quality system.

Last but not the least, thanks for the cooperation of Rising workers, and all of us touched by Rising industrious workers.

Thank you very much.